About Us

About Us

Established in Hong Kong in 2016, Incus Co. Ltd. is a leading audio signal processing company in China. The patented intelligent audio separation technology developed by Incus can separate the components of mixed speech in real-time. This technology has a wide range of applications, including hearing aids, noise reduction solutions, communication equipment, smart home, smart speakers and other human-computer interactions.

Incus aims to provide solutions that can improve the quality of life of hearing-impaired individuals and their family and friends. Current hearing aids suffer from the so-called “cocktail party problem,” which is when they perform poorly in noisy situations because they amplify not only the signal of interest but also background noise. Incus is developing hearing aids featuring its patented technology, which is capable of automatically reducing the background noise and amplifying human speech, even in noisy environments. To make hearing aids more accessible, Incus aims to sell smart hearing aids at 1/10 of the price of comparable products.


Product center

Incus Hearing Aids & Hearing Assistance Devices

Incus has developed patented intelligent audio separation technology that separates human voices from other complex sounds in real-time, and reduces noise.

With an app-based hearing test that can be completed in the comfort of your home, a hearing-loss compensation algorithm is automatically generated to fit your unique hearing profile. Multiple profiles for different scenarios are supported.

The Incus Smart Hearing Aids & Hearing Assistance Devices are designed to be just the right size that makes them portable, lightweight and easy to operate. With a plug-and-play design and ability to connect with your smartphone, they offer an intelligent listening experience anytime, anywhere.

The sound from music and videos will be redirected to the Incus device and personalised for an enhanced listening experience using Bluetooth.

Yinbei app

A free app featuring hearing test, audio personalization and tinnitus sound therapy!

Hardware Connection

Conveniently calibrate Incus Hearing Aids and Hearing Assistance Devices

Hearing test

Complete a 2-minute clinic-quality hearing test to unlock personalized audio

Tinnitus Therapy

Quiet your tinnitus (ringing in the ears) with sound therapy


Hearing-loss compensation technology

Before compensation

With compensation

Speech separation technology

Raw audio

Incus Intelligent
Source Separation

Far-field pickup technology

Scenario adaptation

Media Coverage


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Public welfare action

Team Members

Core team

Prof. Richard So

Co-founder, Director

- Associate Dean of Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) - Professor of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics, HKUST - Professor of Biomedical Engineering, HKUST - Fellow, International Ergonomics Association

Mr. Calvin Zhang

Co-founder, CEO, Director

- MPhil in Technical Leadership and Entrepreneurship, HKUST - Bachelor of Automation, University of Science and Technology of China









  • Mr. Simon Wong

    Mr. Simon Wong was Jack Ma’s first Angel Investor, investing in Alibaba several years prior to SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son, and he wrote Jack Ma’s first business plan. As a Venture Capitalist, Mr. Wang has invested in 70+ companies, such as Want Want (SEHK: 151), Tingyi (HKG: 0322) and other well-known listed companies.

  • Dr. Samson Tam Wai-ho, JP

    Dr. Tam is the Chairman of Hong Kong Business Angel Network and Chairman and founder of Group Sense International Limited. He served as an elected member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (Information Technology) from 2008 to 2012. Dr. Tam was a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in Luoding, Guangdong.

  • Mr. Chan Yuk Ming

    Mr. Chan is Chairman of China Financial Services Holdings Ltd. Mr. Chen served as a member of the 9th and 10th Hong Kong and Macao Overseas Chinese Committee of Zhejiang Political Consultative Conference. He was also Executive Director of Zhejiang Overseas Friendship Association, Vice President of the Zhejiang Federation of Hong Kong and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Presidents of the Jinhua Association of Hong Kong. He was the 2nd and 3rd Presidents of the Hong Kong Yiwu Association.

Join us

Join us

  • Software Engineer

    10-15K Moblie APP, Signal Processing, Acoustics, Mobile Device OS or related disciplines.

    Software Engineer(10-15K)

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    Professional requirements
    Moblie APP, Signal Processing, Acoustics, Mobile Device OS or related disciplines.

    Degree required
    Bachelor’s degree or above


    Post requirements:
    At least 1-year Android Development experiences.
    Familiar with basic Android components. Have experiences in Kotlin programming language will be preferred
    Familiar with common design model, like MVC, MVVM etc.
    Familiar with C/C++. Have experiences in NDK development.
    Familiar with networking and database of Android. Have experiences RxAndroid, Retrofi etc will be preferred
    Familiar with Android Custom View
    Familiar with Android Audio Processing, like AudioRecorder, AudioTrack etc. Have basic audio knowledge will be preferred
    Familiar with OpenSL ES, Low level Audio Codec will be preferred

    To apply for this position, please send your resume to:Spring@hkincus.com

  • Postdoctoral researcher

    32K Research and Development for audio engineering

    Postdoctoral Researcher(30-35K)

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    Professional requirements
    Bioengineering, Physics, Computer Science.

    Degree required
    Doctor degree


    Job Description:
    Research and development on speech enhancement, especially on monoral speech enhancement, noise reduction technology and Binaural speech enhancement or multiple microphone arrays technology.
    Research and development on evaluation of implementation of above technology to be developed.
    Research and development on bio-inspired audio technology.

    Other Requirement:
    Doctor degree in Engineer or Science
    Experience in audio, bio-inspired or nueal network research
    Flunt speaking, writing, reading in English and Chinese

    To apply for this position, please send your resume to:Spring@hkincus.com

  • Marketing manager

    10-50K Marketing, Public relations

    Marketing manager(10-50K)

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    Professional requirements
    Marketing / Branding

    Degree required
    Bachelor degree or above


    Job Description:
    Welfare events organization with Government Bureau or NGO
    Social Media campaign for specific target customers
    Customers’ feedback management
    Direct report to CEO

    Other Requirement: Have marketing resources in elderly care homes / aging care centers will be preferred
    Have experience on welfare project with Government and NGO will be preferred
    Have experience on social media campaign will be preferred
    3 years’ experience or above

    To apply for this position, please send your resume to:Spring@hkincus.com