Incus is committed to bringing the benefits of the latest audio processing technologies to the local communities. We have formed bonds with an ever-growing number of hearing-impaired people in Hong Kong and Mainland China to learn about how they cope with hearing-loss. Thanks to their feedback, we are able to continuously improve our solutions.
Sai Kung District Community Centre
2019-10-17 admin
Taoyuan Nursing Home Charity
2019-09-18 admin
Futian Sunshine Community Center of Public Welfare
2019-08-29 admin
Cuiping Retirement Community Charity
2019-08-23 admin
Sihai Nursing Home Charity
2019-08-20 admin
Sky-Blue Lake Futaiyuan (International) Retirement Center Charity
2019-07-01 admin
China Construction Bank's Community Outreach Division
2019-06-22 admin
Buji Nursing Home Charity
2019-06-06 admin
Funghua Public Welfare Organisation
2019-04-03 admin
Renda Care and Nursing Home Charity, Longgang District
2019-01-01 admin
Nanshan Nursing Home Charity
2018-07-05 admin